Individual tutoring

English second-language classes taught at school are not always sufficient to pass the school tests, whether you are in secondary school or have entered higher education. More often than not, grammar is a stumbling block in tests and writing tasks. Spelling and pronunciation can also pose problems: the way words are written in English and the way they are pronounced often differ enormously, resulting in mistakes in dictation exercises, listening tests and presentations. When preparing for your final exam or studying English material for examinations, it can become clear that your reading skills are holding you back.

Time and attention can improve any of these aspects. Every student has their own way of learning, so standardized lessons don’t always have the wished-for effect. Luckily, English is a language that can be explained, also to those who have no aptitude for languages. By individual tutoring it is possible to adjust each lesson to the student. If necessary, I will contact teachers at school, who usually have a pretty good idea of the challenges the student faces.

Lessons take place at my home in Grave (the Netherlands).

Costs and location

Costs: €25,- per hour*
Location: Dokere Kanterslaan 175, 5361 ND Grave**
* tutoring is exempted from VAT
** tutoring on location can be agreed upon, for which travel costs will be charged.