By having your English texts edited and corrected, you contribute to your professional image and ensure the intended message gets across. I have specialized in education and music, which can include things like essays, articles, theses, concert programmes, CD booklets, or website texts.

When editing I always follow these three steps:

  1. correcting any grammar or syntax errors;
  2. making sure the text has a logical order;
    It is sometimes necessary to put forward different options from which you as the client can choose the most suitable one. Recurring mistakes and unclear passages will be discussed in more detail. When the source text is longer, as with a thesis or dissertation, attention will also be paid to the connection between paragraphs and sections.
  3. talking through the edited text, usually over the phone for practical reasons, and going over any comments.


€ 0,06 per word excl. VAT
The minimum fee is € 15,- excl. VAT.